Student-Run Free Clinic at NEOMED Reopens for In-Person Patient Care

As of Aug. 1, the Student-Run Free Clinic at NEOMED has reopened and is seeing patients in clinic. The Free Clinic will be following a hybrid protocol of seeing some patients via telehealth and seeing some patients in-person. Prior to plans for reopening, all patients were being seen via telemedicine.

Since the Free Clinic will be seeing patients in-person, some volunteers will attend clinic in-person, while others will volunteer via telehealth. Volunteers who will attend in-person include the clinic chief, assistant clinic chief, two to three team leaders, one lab team leader, one patient education leader, two to three triage volunteers and one to two attending physicians. PPE will provided for all volunteers per Summa Hospital System protocols, and further precautions (including, but not limited to, frequent disinfection of surfaces and social distancing amongst volunteers) will be taken to prioritize the health and safety of our volunteers and patients.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Free Clinic or learning more about our services and opportunities, please reach out to a Student-Run Free Clinic Board Member or email us at

-Submitted by Rachana Raghupathy

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