Students Ask — NEOMED Student Council

Students asked many questions at the Town Hall held Monday, Oct. 22 – so many that there wasn’t time to answer all of them. So, NEOMED leaders will answer the remaining questions from that event here and in future issues of The Pulse

Q: NEOMED Student Council meetings often fall during or just before the week of an exam. They add to our stress and to the stress of our NSC reps. Would it be possible for simpler requests (student organization events that have been held the same way for numerous years, events or presentations with proper documentation, etc.) to go through a more streamlined or expedited process (such as, but not limited to, individual review by Harmony Stanger, Anita Pokorny, or fourth-year reps who are experienced with hearing requests)? IRBs use these methods to greatly increase their efficiency.

A: Thank you for your suggestion regarding the NSC budget review process. We have placed this idea on the agenda for discussion at the November 7 NSC meeting.

– Sandra Emerick, Ed.D., chief student affairs officer

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