Students Attend AMA Interim Conference

A large contingent of students came from NEOMED to represent the University at the American Medical Association (AMA) Medical Student Section Interim Meeting in San Diego in November.

Medical students from across the U.S. met to learn about pertinent medical and public health topics and advocate for change in health policy.

Topics presented by NEOMED students in co-authored resolutions included opposing Narcan tracking. Other topics ranged from women’s health to health care technology.

Students were also able to network with other medical students and physicians, as well as attend the annual research expo.  

The following students co-authored resolutions and represented NEOMED at the conference.

College of Medicine Class of 2022

  • Sanjana Datla
  • Nikhil Datla
  • Kajal Madan
  • Sathwika Thodeti
  • Sriharsha Voleti
  • Sahana Harikrishnan
  • Punita Peketi
  • Monika Satoskar
  • Sanika Satoskar
  • Prajit Khooblall
  • Peter Palmer
  • Rishitha Panditi
  • Rachana Raghupathy
  • Daniel Morcos
  • Furman Mahmood
  • Gautam Pathak
  • Jay Patel
  • Manas Nair
  • Matthew Hom
  • Nicholas Dalagiannis
  • Andrew Suchan
  • Reha Rabbani
  • Peter Alamir

College of Medicine Class of 2021

  • Harshitha Dudipala
  • Geetika Srivastava
  • Hari Iyer
  • Koshala Selvakumar

—Submitted by Sanjana Datla, a second-year College of Medicine student.

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