Students Celebrate Vaisakhi

On Tuesday, April 23, the Sikh Student Association achieved what some thought was impossible! We hosted an event called Vaisakhi, also known as the Sikh New Year. Vaisakhi is a day to commemorate the establishment of the Sikh faith and identity.

We created this event to allow everyone to learn about our culture and religion — one that not many people know about. We had performances of Bhangra — a type of Punjabi dance – and Gatka (Sikh martial arts). In addition, there was turban-tying, Punjabi calligraphy and henna.

The Sikh Student Association provided a free dinner from Saffron Patch. More than 200 students, staff and faculty attended the event.

— Submitted by Poojajeet Khaira, a first-year College of Medicine student who is treasurer of the Sikh Student Association.

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