Support the 'Resist the HUGG' Campaign

NEOMED is encouraging students, faculty and staff to Resist the HUGG this holiday season.

First, resist hugging your family and friends. And second, Hold back the Urge to Gather in Groups. With the prevalence of COVID-19, these are ways we can all help to keep the NEOMED community and our families safer.

There are four simple ways to show your support for this campaign:

  1. Download and display the Resist the HUGG Zoom background.
  2. Download the Resist the HUGG identity image and place in your email signature line. 
  3. Distribute FREE Resist the HUGG stickers to students, coworkers, friends or anyone else! Contact Diana Dillon at or 330.325.6618 to request your stickers.
  4. Take the pledge by using the hashtag #ResistTheHUGG and share why you will avoid gathering in groups during the holiday season.

Take the pledge! Resist the HUGG. 

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