Take charge of your health!

Wellness at NEOMED for faculty and staff is committed to educating, engaging and supporting NEOMED employees and their families to make healthier lifestyle choices. Each quarter new programs and educational opportunities are available. 

In case you missed it, here is what kicked off this month:

Healthy Heart, Healthy You: This program began July 13 and is running for six consecutive weeks. The program is designed to use a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to address heart health challenges faced by those with diagnosed heart disease but also the challenges of keeping your healthy heart healthy. The next session is Wednesday, July 27. Learn more and register to attend!

New Wellness Challenge: Join colleagues and friends in a virtual journey around the world! Track your daily steps and activities to travel the globe and visit over 30 natural and manmade wonders of the world! This challenge is for teams and individuals. An average of steps taken will be considered to determine the winning team/ individual in two categories - beginner and advanced. Stay tuned for sign-ups beginning August 15.

New Wellness Portal: Starting next month we are changing the look of Wellness at NEOMED with a new Wellness Portal that will be even more user friendly and engaging!

Group Exercise Class Pass: Don’t forget to pick up your 3rd quarter pass which gives you access to group classes at Sequoia Wellness free of charge. You don't have to be a member! Stop by the Sequoia reception desk to learn more and pick up your pass today!

Health Coaching: Just a reminder, the Sequoia Health Coach, Dan Peplin, is on board and ready to support you in succeeding at your health & wellness goals! This service is FREE to staff, faculty, and spouses. Contact Dan through the Wellness Portal in the Coaches Corner, or email dpeplin@sequoia-wellness.com.

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