TeleHealth for Seniors Initiative

Do you have any old mobile devices lying around at home? Are you looking for ways to help during this pandemic?

TeleHealth Access for Seniors dedicated to getting devices like smartphones and tablets to seniors to help them stay in touch with their physicians during the pandemic. The service is providing the devices along with guides on how to use TeleHealth apps and Facetime, how to order grocery delivery, and how to order pharmacy delivery. They are also now providing any technical support we can via Zoom.

TeleHealth Access for Seniors started collecting devices in Connecticut and Florida, but now have reached 14 states including Ohio. The demand for devices is rapidly increasing.

Right now, the service is looking for any students, faculty, family, and friends with mobile devices such as phones and tablets that are unused and/or old models sitting around.

If you are able to procure mobile devices, all you have to do is fill out the form below, ship your device or request a volunteer to pick up your device.

Please visit the website for more information on the process and the form to fill out to donate devices.

 -Submitted by Sohi Mistry

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