The Faces Behind Charity Ball 2021

Charity Ball is a NEOMED campus tradition benefitting the Sarah Cho Scholarship and the Tahani Mansour Memorial Scholarship Fund. The event is sponsored by the NEOMED Student Council, American Medical Student Association, American Pharmacists Association, and the Office of Student Services, and will be held virtually this year from 6-9 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 13, 2021. But, just who makes up the committee? We wanted to take a moment and feature some of the faces behind Charity Ball 2021.

Our committee of over 10 students takes the time to reach out for donations, make sure the schedule of events is perfect, and create marketing campaigns for the event. The event is sponsored by three of our on campus students groups: American Pharmacy Association - Academy of Student Pharmacists, American Medical Student Association, and NEOMED Student Council, representatives of each make up a working committee. Students from all area of campus “come together” to plan a memorable event for the entire community.

This year’s committee members include:

  • Alexis Axtell, P1
  • Alesandra Sakacs, P1
  • Cynthia Deokarran, P1
  • Ellyse Ridgway, P1
  • Michael Carlone, P1
  • Sarah Godel, M1
  • Natalie Ganios, M1
  • Alekhya Mannava, M1
  • Phuong Tran, M1
  • Richa Sheth, M1
  • Megha Gupta, M2
  • Sahar Rehman, M2
  • Adam Muntaser, M2
  • Adannekwu Dibor, M2

One of our committee members, Ellyse Ridgway, said, “I decided to get involved in the charity ball this year so I can help with something bigger than myself. This past year has been hard for everyone and I love helping out when I can!”

And we hope you will also consider giving back like these amazing students. The donation page is now open. Auction items and the 50/50 raffle will go live during the Charity Ball Kick-Off on February 8 at noon. Register today.

-Submitted by Ashley King

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