The Power of A Mantra: The Whale Watch Newsletter

Mantras have been practiced for over 3000 years with the earliest mantras composed in Vedic Sanskrit in India. They have been used in devotional
and meditative practices, can be chanted, spoken,sung, whispered, or repeated in the mind.

Today the same holds true and mantra practice has gained popularity when combined with mindfulness practices.

Please see the attached Whale Watch newsletter below created for students by the Center for Student Wellness and Counseling Services on the Power of A Mantra.

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From the Staff of the CSWCS:
Dr. Jennifer Dougall, Director
Dr. Tiffany Thomas-Lakia, Staff Psychiatrist
Stephanie Orwick, Assistant Director
Jessica Lansinger, Staff Counselor
Dana Whittlesey, Program Coordinator

-Submitted by Dana Whittlesey

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