The Strongest of Them All

Taking on items from kegs to cars, members of the Sequoia Wellness Barbell Club competed in the group’s inaugural Strongman and Strongwoman competition in June.

Aside from a little sweat and a few scraped shins, the 10 participants lifted and pulled beyond their expectations — including pulling a 7,700 pound tractor (pictured above).

“This event began as a simple idea, but quickly grew into a much more involved event than I originally anticipated. With everyone's help, it went smoothly and was a lot of fun for participants, as well as the spectators,” says Mike Mysliwiec, a Sequoia Wellness fitness services associate.

Nearly 30 people helped put the event together by providing safety equipment, legal counsel, equipment, homemade I-beams, tractors and their time. Special thanks to Western Reserve Hospital for being the title sponsor for the event, as well as Ferrell-Whited Physical Therapy Services for sponsoring and supplying the kegs.

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