Third- and Fourth-Year Students Inducted into Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society

Congratulations to the newest Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) Zeta Chapter inductees!

During a March 4 ceremony 27 College of Medicine students were welcomed into the NEOMED AOA Chapter. An additional eight alumni were recognized as honorary inductees.

Students are eligible for consideration for junior-year selection if they are in the top 25% of the class based on overall rank at the end of M2 Year.  Students are eligible for consideration for senior-year selection if they are in the top 25% of the class based on overall rank at the end of M3 Year.  Final selection is the responsibility of an AOA selection committee that includes NEOMED 3-4 clinical faculty who are also AOA members and the student President and VP of the AOA chapter. Applicants are evaluated based on academic performance, leadership, service, research and professionalism.

Each AOA chapter is also permitted to select housestaff (residents) faculty, and alumni as honorary members of the chapter. These individuals are held to the same high standards of membership, and must show excellence in scholarship, professionalism, leadership, and gifted teaching.

"The NEOMED Zeta chapter AOA selection represents outstanding student achievement, and we couldn't be prouder of our students," said Anita Pokorny, assistant dean of students and AOA NEOMED liaison.

Class of 2019: Junior Year Inductees/Officers

  • Mei Zhen Cao
  • Silas Chao
  • Yoseph Dalia
  • Mansee Desai
  • Katherine Genet
  • Kathleen Graham
  • Parker Hollingsworth
  • Mary McDaniel
  • Basem Rashwan
  • Hemant Reddy (Vice President)
  • Kathleen Spitz
  • Katherine Stiff (President)
  • Sophia Tsiris


Class of 2019: Senior Year Inductees

  • Erinn Coe
  • Christopher Dijanic
  • Ariana Ellis
  • John Graff
  • Danial Hayek
  • Katherine Hill
  • Benjamin Howie
  • Bhamini Patel
  • Shyam Patnaik
  • Joanna Peng
  • Sairekha Ravichandran
  • Brianna Rea
  • Priya Sharma
  • Lohith Vatti


Class of 2020: Junior Year Inductees

  • Hadeel Alwani
  • Sebastian Boland
  • Savannah Bowman
  • Abhijit Das
  • Krish Dewan
  • Yostina Farid
  • Alexandrea Garrett
  • Madeline Goosmann
  • Courtney Kromer
  • Lauren Misik
  • Neela Nataraj
  • Isabella Sabatina
  • Siri Yalamanchili



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