Town Hall Follow-Up: Master Calendar

Many questions were asked and answered at the student Town Hall held April 16 at Watanakunakorn Auditorium. By filling out survey cards distributed at the end of the event, students had the chance to ask additional questions.

Here’s one, answered by Student Services and Academic Technology Services. Watch The Pulse for more questions and answers from the student Town Hall.

The next Town Hall will be held in fall 2019.

Q: In terms of student organizations and events, there appear to be many events at the same time. Is there any way we can implement a master calendar that includes mandatory classwork as well as dates and times of events? Could we make this calendar available to students?

A: Unfortunately, Presence does not offer a feature that will sync both the student activities calendar with the class calendar. Student organizations have been advised to look at the Presence student activities calendar before scheduling their events, to make sure other events are not scheduled at the same time. –Student Services

A: We are rolling out a master calendar for all academic events this fall for M1, M2, P1, P2 and P3 students. However, it will not include student org events, because we do not have integration between Presence and Office365. –Academic Technology Services

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