University Update Questions Answered

NEOMED’s leadership welcomes questions and the transparent exchange of information. Following are two questions recently asked at a University Update, along with responses from Charity Davis, director of Human Resources.

Why is the $20 wellness rebate taken away from our benefits through the wellness portal?

Our transition to SummaCare resulted in a yearly cost savings of over $800 on average for our employees. Due to this additional savings, the wellness discount was discontinued as of July 1, 2021. Anyone who received the discount had their deduction updated to reflect the non-discounted rate for their coverage level. Please reference your enrollment confirmation for that amount.

[Davis also refers employees to the email sent by the Office of Human Resources Friday, July 2, outlining changes to NEOMED’s Wellness programming.]

Where can the formal grievance process be reviewed?

Employees should contact Toccara Ball, senior HR generalist for employee relations, who can further discuss concerns and guide employees through the process. 

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