Updates to NEOMED Servers: Date for Server Home (O Drive) Shut Down

As was announced in The PULSE, an aggressive network infrastructure replacement has been ongoing throughout the summer and into the fall.

To date, the Department of Information Technology (IT) has completed the following projects:

  • Wired Network has been replaced
  • Wireless network has been replaced

Work has been ongoing in preparation of replacing the servers that house the “O” (home) drive, the “P” (projects) drive and the “S” (staff) drive, among others. Behind the scenes - new servers have been built and information is being transferred to the new servers. The new servers are currently being tested.

If you have personal data, personal images or other personal information on the “O” (home) drive, please consider saving/storing it off campus.

The new and old servers cannot run parallel to each other.

On Tuesday Nov. 12, 2019, the server that currently houses the “O” (home) drive will be shut down. All information will be transferred to the new server and the transition will be transparent.

Announcements will be shared as we shut down the remaining servers. We will make every attempt to announce these five business days prior to any change. The entire project is expected to be completed prior to the Winter Break.

Please direct any questions regarding this announcement to the Help Desk.


NEOMED Information Technology

-Submitted by Denise Cardon

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