Vienna, Just in Time: A Student Reflects on Clinical Elective and COVID-19

A clinical elective in Vienna came to pass just in time for fourth-year College of Medicine student Neela Nataraj, who completed it and traveled safely home to the U.S. before the COVID-19 pandemic had spread to Austria.

Back in Ohio, she wrote, “Seeing a pandemic unfold in Europe and the elective experience itself has made me more aware of public health concerns. I now hope to become involved in improving health care systems, even on a small scale, through exploration of methods used in other countries.

“Also, cultural beliefs have such a large impact on health care and the management of illness, and I hope to continue to familiarize myself with the views and customs of populations in the areas in which I will be practicing in order to build stronger doctor-patient relationships.”

Read Neela Nataraj’s reflection on her experience. 

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