Vinyard Named M1 Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Christopher Vinyard, Ph.D., a professor of anatomy, for being named as the College of Medicine 2018-2019 M1 Teacher of the Year.

The Class of 2022 honored Dr. Vinyard during the M2 Orientation-Teacher of the Year Presentation session, held Monday, Aug. 12 in Watanakunakorn Auditorium.

Second-year College of Medicine Student Curriculum Council representatives Troy Kotsch and Neya Sterling recognized Dr. Vinyard for his leadership and teaching methods in the first-year Human Development and Structure course.

“You have earned the admiration and respect of our class,” said Kotsch.

Read some of the students’ nominations:

“He is always willing to help students understand difficult concepts. He is very friendly around campus and wants the best for everyone. His teaching is very concise and easy to understand.”

“He always was able to inject humor into his lectures during HDS, and he was a friendly and incredibly helpful presence throughout the duration of the course. This was especially welcome in our very first semester of medical school, where the pace was already challenging.”

“I believe that Dr. Vinyard dealt with the issues with HDS lab with poise and well intention. He is also a great professor and is to the point and very well knowledgeable in the lab and course material.”

“Dr. Vineyard was very engaging and effective in his lecture style while also being extremely approachable and friendly. He was the course director for our first medical school class and his uplifting and positive spirits made the transition into medical school that much easier on us.”

“Dr. Vinyard has displayed a commitment to the student's needs. He demonstrated professional behavior and was very flexible when dealing with the safety issues of the Yassine Gross Anatomy Lab. Also, he respects and understands the pressure that we as students face. He is personable and participates in student events which improves the gap between faculty and students.”

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