Warehouse and Storage Areas on Campus

Campus Operations will be discarding and publicly selling items from the warehouse and storage areas later this summer. A large amount of obsolete and unused items have been stored for years and they need removed. We are asking all departments that have items stored in the warehouse, 4th floor of RGEB, or any general storage area to update any tagging that requires the item(s) to remain.

Please understand that if items were sent to the warehouse, or any storage area, because newer items replaced them, then it is probably time to discard the unused, stored items.

Campus Operations is attempting to make the warehouse a more efficient and safer area by reducing the double row rack system down to a single row where a tow motor can maneuver safely to temporarily store needed items that will be used within a few weeks time. We will not have room for long-time storage, especially in the case of no plan for re-using the stored items.

If a NEOMED faculty or staff member wishes to have something in the warehouse, or any storage area, delivered to their department, please fill out a Campus Operations work order with the index number to be charged.


For questions, please contact Dale Hluch at ext. 6191 or at dhluch@neomed.edu.

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