Out with the old and in with the new! The brand new NEOMED website is launching this week.

The University has been collaborating with Origo Branding in Columbus since July 2016 to make this compelling new platform possible.

The new website includes many new and improved features and the Office of Public Relations and Marketing is excited to launch this virtual front door to the university, sharing the NEOMED story with the world.

Phase 1

Although Phase 1 of the site is launching this week, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Not all content will be migrated at launch. The remaining content will continue to be migrated over the next few weeks. So don’t worry! It’s not missing, it’s just coming soon!
  2. Once all content has been migrated, each department/office will have an opportunity to meet with OPRM to make sure their web section and content meets their objectives and make improvements.
  3. There will be no web editor access at this time. All web updates, requests and edits must to be submitted to web@neomed.edu.

Phase 2

Beginning Monday, February 27, Phase 2 will kick off.

In the interim, prospective students may find information regarding the Colleges by going to Admissions and selecting Become a Doctor, Become a Pharmacist or Become a Graduate Student. We will also be developing individual microsites for each of the Colleges. This phase will begin with the College of Pharmacy in anticipation of the accreditation process that is currently underway. It will be followed by the College of Medicine and then the College of Graduate Studies. This phase is anticipated to be completed mid March.

Phase 3

A comprehensive website governance and training plan will be rolled out to campus this spring.

What does that mean?

  1. A content governance and training program will allow NEOMED to maintain its new web standards and best practices, and to ensure compliance withrequirements such as the Americans with Disabilities Act.User roles and permissions will be assigned within each area of campus to update and maintain web content.
  2. Quality control and workflow processes will ensure we are putting our best foot forward as a University.
  3. Training and education will be provided and available on a rolling basis.

As noted above, after the Phase 1 launch, we will continue to make site improvements. Your input and ideas are valuable, and we encourage you to provide constructive feedback about the website. Please do not email Angela Bennett or the Office of Public Relations and Marketing directly with such recommendations. We want to ensure your feedback is heard and aggregated with others, so we will provide you with an avenue for doing so in the coming weeks.

This has been a longtime coming. We appreciate your patience and are sure that you share in our excitement.

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