Welcome the Class of 2020 Oath Committee Members

Please welcome the Class of 2020 College of Medicine and College of Pharmacy Oath Committee Members!

Each year NEOMED selects an Oath Committee to represent each graduating class. Since 1999, NEOMED's classes have composed and taken an oath of their own creation. The oath is intended to reflect the unique qualities of their class - the values, ideals and commitments their class will pledge to uphold.

Class of 2020, College of Medicine

  • Brandon Boesiger
  • Cyril Harfouche
  • Irina Padua
  • Jude Meniru
  • Yostina Farid

Class of 2020, College of Pharmacy

  • Dankesh Joshi
  • Nathan Homan
  • Dana Webb
  • Anthony Rimpf
  • William Puthoff
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