Welcome to our First-Year Student Reps to the Student Wellness Committee

The Student Wellness Committee welcomes our newest first year representatives nominated by their peers and selected by the current members of the committee. These students will play a key role with helping university staff within the eight dimensions of wellness with improving the wellness of our student community, they will share their own stories of wellness via the Pulse, and they will be gathering their peers' wellness concerns and ideas and sharing them in a way that improves' students experiences.

New Members

  • Alekhya Mannava, M1
  • Megan Fritz, M1
  • Erika Quedding, P1
  • Lydia Avery, P1

Continuing Representatives

  • Jacob Smearman, P2
  • Emily Graves, P2
  • Brett Lowden, M2
  • Krithika Sundaram , M2
  • Ella Potter , M3
  • Shaina Bird , P3
  • Anna Cherian, M3
  • Heidi Der, Learning Center (Intellectual Dimension)
  • Dale Hluch, Campus Operations (Environmental Dimension)
  • Jacy Watson and Andy Malitz, Sequoia (Physical Dimension)
  • Brian Butler, Student Services (Social Dimension)
  • Jacqueline Fausnight, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (Spiritual Dimension)
  • Sarah Moore, Financial Aid (Financial Dimension)
  • Stephanie Orwick, Student Wellness & Counseling (Emotional Dimension)
  • Sandra Emerick, Acad. Affs & Student Servs, (Chair)

The Purpose of the Student Wellness Committee is to create a 360 degree communication mechanism for sharing wellness initiatives and gathering feedback from students about wellness needs; identify student issues and needs around the 8 dimensions of wellness; develop and implement wellness programming to address these issues and needs; and ensure students’ academic, personal and professional success.

-Submitted by Sandra Emerick

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