Wireless Update and Action Plan

Good afternoon everyone:

On September 16, 2019 we provided information on the upgraded wireless system on the NEOMED Campus. We thought it would be appropriate at this time to provide another update to outline the actions that we have taken to resolve outstanding connectivity issues that we have been experiencing.

Some individuals continue to encounter problems connecting to the NEOMED wireless network(s). 

A snapshot of the wireless environments indicates that we have over 1300 individuals that are utilizing our wireless network.  At this point, failures seem to be episodic in nature with no clear indication of whether these problems are client-side related or strictly a wireless network performance issue.

Action Plan

We have been fully engaged with both our solution provider (Advizex) and manufacturer provider (HPE-Aruba).  They have been analyzing wireless traffic and modifying the wireless configuration for the past ten days to resolve the connectivity issues that some have been experiencing.  We have escalated these issues to the highest levels at both companies and have demanded that they resolve these issues with the greatest sense of urgency.  As a result, we have instituted the following action plan:

  • Advizex senior technical engineers have been working on-site and remotely full time since September 16th, capturing logs of code and data.  This information continues to be supplied to HPE-Aruba TAC support center for troubleshooting and diagnosis.
  • Two HPE-Aruba ASE’s engineers will be on-site on Monday, September 30, 2019 to resolve these issues.  We have their commitment that they will remain on-site until the problems have all been resolved.  The ASE accreditation; HPE Accredited Solutions Expert is the senior most engineering position within HP-Aruba.  It is critical that individuals experiencing problems contact the help desk to report issues.  We cannot adequately address and correct problems without your assistance.
  • Because of the critical nature of wireless service at the university, we have required that both Aruba and Advizex develop an alternative strategy in parallel with on-going troubleshooting activities, returning our wireless environment into a fully useable state.  We have insisted that they develop and submit this alternative strategy by October 1, 2019.

For some of you, the implementation and performance of the new wireless solution has been painful and has impacted your abilities to seamlessly access university technical resources via wireless connection.  We are truly sorry and apologize for the lack of performance and inconvenience.  We are exerting as much energy as possible to bring an immediate and successful resolution to these problems.

Thank you for your continued patience and consideration regarding this matter.  If you are continuing to experience problems, we ask that you contact the help desk for assistance and reporting incidences so that we can address your issue while we have an escalated presence on site.

Please direct any questions regarding this announcement to the Help Desk.


NEOMED Information Technology

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