Zoned Power Outages on Campus July 13-14

NEOMED Community,

On the weekend of July 13-14, electrical contractors will be on campus for 12,470 volt main switchgear maintenance and transformer retrofitting in order to keep our planned power outages at a minimum.

The downloadable map (below) illustrates the buildings and approximate time frames normal power will be disrupted. We will be running on emergency power during these times.

On Saturday, July 13, our "Orange Loop" will be de-energized most of the day as five transformers will be retrofitted. Hopefully, at least one of the two transformers on the "Purple Loop" (RGE, D & E buildings) will also be retrofitted.

On Sunday, July 14, our "Black Loop" (the Village) will be de-energized for the retro-fitting of their three transformers as well as the remaining "Purple Loop" transformer.

The NEW Center and buildings G & F should not be effected during these times.  Retrofits to these buildings will be at a later date.

Please understand, these are estimated times and the scope of work could change based on issues that could arise.

Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation.

Dale Hluch
Director, Campus Operations

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