"Zoom Bombing" and steps to prevent it

Many public and private sectors are relying on video conferencing platforms to conduct business which has opened the door for individuals to hijack meetings. In order to put some security measure in place Academic Technology recommends that steps be taken to ensure that meetings are private and accessed by whom they are supposed to be accessed by.

  • Do not post meeting links to social media platforms
  • When scheduling a meeting; require a meeting password

  • Enable a waiting room if feasible (this will not work for everyone). This will give you the option of seeing who is trying to join and then allowing them into the meeting.

  • Set meeting so that only Authenticated users can join. This will force individuals to use their NEOMED credentials when joining a meeting. *If you have outside participants joining there are advanced features you need to enable.

Zoom Support Articles on Security 

-Submitted by Michael Wright

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