Before coming to NEOMED, Jordan Walker worked with entrepreneurs through Akron’s Bounce Innovation Hub, providing marketing and administrative support to help new companies grow. She’s now applying those skills to assist biotechnology startups as entrepreneurial program specialist in the REDIzone.

The Cuyahoga Falls native earned her bachelor’s degree in studio art with a minor in entrepreneurship from the University of Akron.

“My family has always been a pretty big art family. My grandfather, Ron Simon, was the head of the art department for Cuyahoga Falls City Schools. He was a sculptor and welder and did art shows all the time,” she says.

While her degree in studio art has not led to any exhibitions, it did provide her with a solid foundation in understanding design, web sites and user experience interfaces.

Walker is using that experience to build processes and operational efficiencies to improve communication with the REDIzone companies.

“My focus right now is to learn more about what each company needs and does and how I can help them,” she says. “And then Jeffrey [Lietzke, NEOMED’s entrepreneur in residence] and I are looking at the bigger picture of broadening the program and getting more companies in here. And helping the ones that are maturing to get out into the world.”

Walker now lives in Akron with her boyfriend and boxer-pitbull-shepherd-beagle mix, Keira.

“She's my girl. I adopted her from the Humane Society about six years ago,” Walker says. “She has eyebrows that she lifts up. But at the same time, she has this underbite, but it's only on one tooth.”

When she’s not helping biotechnology startups or playing with her dog, Walker enjoys powerlifting, cycling on the towpath, kayaking and watching horror movies. (“Halloween is one of my favorites”).

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